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With our strong R & D and highly skilled production team, we are ready to design from 42 liters to 1000 liters coolers according to your demands.

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Our coolers consume up to 30% less energy comparing with the coolers in the market. We care about your carbon foot-print which affects your customers` perception on your eco-friendly brand.

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Green Cooler who have worked in different designs and material quality, also stands out with its diversity and special product design concepts.

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Commercial Refrigerator

A commercial refrigerator may come in many shapes and sizes, and industry experts design every one to fit your needs and standards. These top-quality machines are a must whether you run the commercial kitchen of a 5-star restaurant or own a local convenience store. A commercial refrigerator will help you keep your product fresh and ready to consume, from drinks to frozen food. On top of that, these refrigerators are also suitable for any product: they can be programmed to keep your food at any temperature you like. Green Cooler offers a new perspective in the commercial refrigerator market with its cutting-edge designs and quality products. We guarantee quality, efficiency, and innovation with every single one of our eco-friendly products. Whether it is a custom-designed commercial refrigerator or an industry classic, we only offer the best products you can find in the market.

Best Commercial Cooler Brand: Green Cooler

Green Cooler offers dynamic next-generation solutions for all your refrigerator problems. We prioritize the needs of our customers and work with innovative thinking and creative design. With our stellar engineers and brilliant R&D team, we aim to bring you a new perspective. Our range of products, from commercial coolers to commercial refrigerators to commercial freezer models, are designed and developed with today’s latest technology. With a product capacity between 40 to 1000 liters each, our commercial cooler collection has something for your needs. Moreover, our talented and expert staff are ready to serve our customers 24/7. Green Cooler is prepared to help in every step. We are only a call away from anything you need: support, setup, and maintenance. With our one-of-a-kind service quality, we are writing a new history.

Commercial Freezer

With any piece from our high-quality commercial freezers, you can freeze whatever you wish. Ice creams, fresh meat, boiled grains, fresh vegetables, frozen food; you name it, any Green Cooler commercial freezer will keep it frozen for as long as you wish. Our expert R&D team and engineers have thought about every need with a freezer and created marvelous models with a slick, modern style that will bring a new mood to wherever you want to put them. Our freezers have many features that make our products stand out. Our products come with lighting (horizontal and canopy), rollers and adjustable feet to maximize movement ability, digital thermostats that let you decide how cold it will be inside, energy management controllers, door locks, night covers, and many more that will fit any of your needs. The freezers are also designed to stay strong with solid doors, stainless steel external body, and IP24 waterproof features.

Merchandiser Refrigerator

Merchandiser refrigerators are the go-to choices of any brand, retail seller, or store owner who wants to display the fresh products they have for their customers. Green Cooler offers spectacular merchandiser refrigerators with dynamic designs that will cater to your and your customers’ needs. Green Cooler’s merchandiser refrigerators come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, all designed with care to meet your standards. With convenient access just a glass door away, you and your customers can enjoy anything from a refreshing beverage to a delicious yogurt that stays cool at your desired temperature. You don’t need to worry about the condition of the drinks and food you place inside; our refrigerators will care for you with self-closing doors, mechanical thermostats, and double-layered doors. Green Cooler’s solution to merchandiser refrigerators is excellent for displaying any product you put inside, bringing the next level of storing products to any store. Maximizing shelf life has never looked better.

Commercial Refrigerator for Sale

As Green Cooler, we offer completely secure solutions to all things related to commercial refrigerators. It’s in our name: our products are a significant 30% more environmentally friendly than most other products in the industrial and commercial refrigerator markets today. We care about our planet, and we care about the marks we leave behind. So, our unique refrigerators are designed to reduce your carbon footprint while taking care of the products you entrust them with. We promise eco-friendly refrigerators, we promise innovation, we promise solutions, and we promise return on your investments. It doesn’t matter what you need, why, or how much you will spend on it. Green Cooler always has something for you, and our references worldwide are the proof. For prices and further information, please contact us. Green Cooler: We bring your dreams to life.

FAQs About Commercial Freezers

Under the “FAQs About Commercial Freezers” section, you’ll find concise answers to common questions regarding the operation, maintenance, and troubleshooting of commercial freezers. Whether you’re curious about how commercial freezers work, how to adjust settings for efficiency, or need tips on resolving operational challenges, this section offers valuable insights and practical advice to ensure your commercial freezer runs smoothly and effectively.

How Does a Commercial Refrigerator Work? 

Commercial refrigerators operate through vapor compression, involving key components like compressors, condensers, evaporators, and capillary tubes. The cycle starts with the compressor increasing the refrigerant’s temperature and pressure, which then cools down and releases heat in the condenser. As it turns into liquid and passes through the capillary tube, its temperature and pressure drop, cooling the refrigerator before turning back into gas to continue the cycle. This efficient process ensures constant cooling for stored items.

How Do I Set the Temperature On My Commercial Refrigerator?

Setting the temperature in a commercial refrigerator involves using electronic, electro-mechanical, or mechanical thermostats. Electronic thermostats adjust the temperature via keys or touchscreens based on manufacturer settings, while electro-mechanical and mechanical thermostats sense and adjust to the desired set point more directly. For energy efficiency, maintain factory-set temperatures, minimize door openings, ensure proper ambient conditions, and follow installation guidelines specified in the manual.

How Do You Troubleshoot a Commercial Refrigerator?

Troubleshooting commercial refrigerators requires technical competence, as issues vary by product and usage conditions. It’s recommended to seek professional service, especially for complex problems, to avoid improper handling that could exacerbate issues. This is crucial for maintaining the appliance’s functionality and safety.

Why Does My Commercial Refrigerator Keep Freezing Up?

Freezing up in commercial refrigerators can result from frequent door openings, leading to humid air entry and ice formation. Checkpoints include the operation sound, thermostat rhythm, environmental conditions, and door usage frequency. Frosting may also occur if the thermostat or sensor is slow to detect cooling, often due to doors being left open. Proper management and maintenance are essential to prevent excessive ice buildup.

How To Achieve Optimal Temperature Setting For Energy-Saving?

Achieving optimal temperature settings for energy savings involves operating the refrigerator at factory settings, opening the door only when necessary, maintaining the right ambient conditions, and installing the unit according to the user manual. These practices help in reducing energy consumption while ensuring the appliance operates efficiently.