Sustainable Energy Policy in Greencooler

Our company, as an institution that is aware of its responsibility towards environmental values, believes in the need to leave a livable world to the next generations. It considers this approach, which it perceives as one of the basic elements of strategic management, at every stage of its activities. The Environment and Energy Policy, which includes the objectives and commitments in this context, is implemented in all operations of Öztaş.
Within the scope of this policy, our main goals and objectives in all areas in which we operate;

  • To fully comply with the legal regulations on Environment and Energy and all conditions accepted by us as a compliance obligation,
  • To be a pioneer in the field of environment and energy for preventing the negative effects on the environment that may arise from our activities, reducing air, water, soil pollution and noise with effective solutions based on the best technologies available,
  • The necessary human, technology, infrastructure, finance, etc. for the protection of the environment, energy efficiency and reduction of the use of natural resources. providing resources,
  • To ensure that the wastes are minimized at the source and to recycle our generated wastes, to reduce environmental impacts during their disposal,
  • Keeping the environment and energy efficiency in the forefront in new products to be produced in the future or new processes to be developed, planned investments and activities,
  • To be active in the life cycle approach by encouraging our suppliers and all our business stakeholders in environmental performance and green economy issues,
  • Developing energy efficiency projects and systems to reduce climate change impacts.