Human Resources in Greencooler

ÖZTAŞ continues to strengthen its changing and developing structure since its foundation in 1980, by investing in new resources, new products and brand investments as well as in Human Resources.

Adopting the principle of continuous development, ÖZTAŞ implements a Human Resources policy that specializes in its field, employs experienced and managerial staff, and incorporates young talents that will carry this experience forward and supports their development.

In line with the Transformation in Human Resources Projects, ÖZTAŞ, which sets the Strategic Human Resources targets, conducts internal and external training programs, orientation and compliance programs, committee studies, and a target-based performance evaluation process.

At ÖZTAŞ, wages are determined according to the job evaluations, wage market researches and performance results, and a fair and standard wage policy is adopted.

In accordance with our recruitment policy, the competencies of the employees within our body are evaluated in all open positions, and if we have a competent employee in accordance with the position sought, promotion / rotation procedures are carried out, if not, candidates from external sources are searched for. In recruitment, competency-based interviews, personality inventory and tests are provided with appropriate tests for the position sought.