Our Quality Policy

The aim of our company is to continuously improve the Quality Management activities and to meet the needs and expectations of our customers within the framework of legal regulations.

Quality policy

Our aim as ÖZTAŞ; To produce high quality medical devices and cooling group products, industrial machines in accordance with national, international standards and legal conditions and to become the preferred supplier of white goods and automotive industry in thin sheet and thick sheet manufacturing, to ensure customer satisfaction with fast and solution-oriented after-sales services, and promoting it in the foreign market and increasing our brand awareness.

To achieve this goal, our quality policy;

  • To ensure continuous development by training all staff,
  • To ensure the profitability of our company by increasing the quality and efficiency,
  • To follow the technological innovations related to our industry simultaneously with the world and present them to our customers,
  • To ensure customer satisfaction at the highest level,
  • With the participation of all our employees, to satisfy all our customers with our quality in every product we produce, on time and in delivery in desired quantities, and to review, maintain and continuously improve the effectiveness of the quality management system by complying with legal customer requirements.