FD 150

Greencooler Freeze Dry-150

Large Volume Production 

The FD150 is Greencooler’s first industrial freeze dryer designed for large-scale commercial use. It is suitable for large volume production with its 150 kg ice holding capacity and 100 kg product loading capacity.As with other models, you can design creative products and produce foods of the future with the FD150. If you want to be a supplier in the food sector, you can sell high-volume dried foods that you will produce with an industrial freeze dryer to restaurants, patisseries, catering companies and hotels. In the health sector, you can become the main supplier by producing some specific medical products used by laboratories with freeze dry technology. In the rapidly growing organic food industry, you can generate high income by producing value-added frozen foods. You can wholesale freeze dry products that you produce in high volumes to camping and search-setup equipment stores.

Technical Specifications

Width (mm)785
Depth (mm)1331
Height (mm)1993.5
Volume (mm)280
Loading volume (Lt)1,1 lt /tray
Loading Weight16/20
Gross Weight (kg)350
Net Weight (kg)315
Inner body materialAISI 304
Insulation Thickness (mm)50
Operating Temperature-40°C / +65 °C
Number of shelves/trays20
Rack/tray materialAISI 304
Rack/tray size222 x 500
Energy consumption