FD 20

Greencooler Freeze Dry-20

With Freze Dry, you can expand your existing business with value-added products or create a new business opportunity. Freeze Dry Food for your business: Stock freeze dry foods for your own use in your restaurant or catering company. Wholesale: Produce freeze-dried meals and soups. Emergency Food Kits: Prepare emergency food kits for search and rescue organizations or the Red Crescent. Camping Goods Stores: Sale food kits for mountaineering and camping gear stores. Pet Shop and Clinics: Produce freeze dry pet foods for pet shops and clinics. Snacks for Markets and Buffets: Variety of snacks from fruits and sale them to markets, buffets and restaurants. Organic Food Shops: If you have special recipes prepared from organic herbs and spices, you can put them for sale by making them packed with freeze dry and long shelf life.


Technical Specifications

Width (mm)785
Depth (mm)1331
Height (mm)1993.5
Volume (mm)280
Loading volume (Lt)1,1 lt /tray
Loading Weight16/20
Gross Weight (kg)350
Net Weight (kg)315
Inner body materialAISI 304
Insulation Thickness (mm)50
Operating Temperature-40°C / +65 °C
Number of shelves/trays20
Rack/tray materialAISI 304
Rack/tray size222 x 500
Energy consumption