Industrial Kitchen Supplies and Features

Industrial Kitchen Supplies and Features

Industrial Kitchens and Industrial Kitchen Supplies

An industrial kitchen is a kitchen that is used to make food for customers in restaurants, bars hotels, or other forms of business. Industrial kitchens are intended for the preparation of food that will be served and sold rather than food that will be cooked and consumed by the person or people who prepare it. Industrial kitchens are designed to manage a high amount of orders, rapid turnover, and a variety of foods at various stages of preparation. In most kitchens, some pieces of equipment, as well as other built-in appliances, are anticipated to sustain the massive output of food and continuous operation of high-power equipment. Industrial kitchens, just like residential kitchens, require certain supplies and features to be able to work. Industrial kitchen supplies are essential to make the kitchen usable for the storage and preparation of food.

Necessary Industrial Kitchen Supplies and Features

There are at least four essential industrial kitchen supplies and features that an industrial kitchen has to have to be able to operate with no issues. These industrial kitchen supplies are especially necessary as if one of them is not in the kitchen, the whole aim of the kitchen is lost. These supplies include ovens, storage units, a food preparation area, and a cleaning area.

1. Cooking Equipment

Due to obvious reasons, having cooking equipment is essential for any kitchen, industrial or not and this makes it one of the most crucial ones of the industrial kitchen supplies and features. These materials are crucial parts of kitchens as they are needed to cook the food properly. Businesses that serve food that is prepared and cooked rather than the ones that serve cold sandwiches, brought-in desserts, or just drinks do not require to have cooking equipment but for businesses like restaurants, these are essentials and can be considered the most important feature in the kitchen.

2. Storage Units

One of the most important industrial kitchen supplies is storage units. These units include commercial freezers, coolers, and refrigerators to store food and beverages before preparing or serving them. Many businesses that serve food and beverages require commercial coolers, freezers, and refrigerators and rely on them heavily to survive as a business. The storage units can differ depending on the purpose and the size. Commercial coolers, refrigerators, and freezers are not used for storing products in the same way even though their aim is to store these products without going bad. Due to this, storage units are also important industrial kitchen supplies and should be in every industrial kitchen.

3. Preparation Areas

Food preparation areas are another important industrial kitchen supply and feature as to the food has to be prepared before getting cooked or served to the customers. The preparation area has to be clean all the time and ready to prepare new orders. The size of the preparation area is important, but this also depends on the size of the business and the number of orders put. If the business is busy and gets lots of customers, then having a big preparation area is essential to serve the food to the customers better.

One way of combining the preparation area and storage unit is by getting an under-counter commercial cooler, refrigerator, or freezer, especially if the amount of space is limited in the industrial kitchen. Getting an under-counter commercial freezer, refrigerator, or cooler, enables the cooks to reach the products which are underneath the counter for easy access. This will also save space if the industrial kitchen is on the small side. Manufacturers like Green Cooler provide durable and long-lasting under-counter commercial refrigerators, coolers, or freezers for their customers and make their investment worth it. An under-counter commercial cooler, freezer, or refrigerator can be seen as one of the important industrial kitchen supplies as well as the area itself.

4. Cleaning Area

Sinks and faucets are also other crucial industrial kitchen supplies as cleaning holds an essential place in these types of kitchens. Cleanliness and being sanitary in any way are crucial for businesses that store, prepare and serve any type of product that is consumed. The cleaning area has to be big just like the preparation area and there have to be three sinks and working faucets. These three sinks have to be divided for washing hands, dishes, and mops.

Other than the cleaning area, cleaning itself is crucial for an industrial kitchen. Clean cooking equipment, dishes, storage units, preparation area, and overall, a clean kitchen is essential to cook most sanitary food and also not risk the health and lives of their customers. Due to this, a cleaning area can be seen as one of the most important industrial kitchen supplies. Also, the overall cleanliness of the industrial kitchen is as crucial as the cleaning area and due to this, it is important to get the kitchen cleaned on a daily or weekly basis.


There are certain supplies and features an industrial kitchen has to have to operate and work to store, prepare and serve the food for their customers. These most essential supplies and features include cooking equipment, commercial refrigerators, freezers, or coolers to store food, and preparation and cleaning areas. A kitchen will be completed and be able to operate fully with these important industrial kitchen supplies being present in the kitchen. With these supplies and features in their industrial kitchens, businesses can guarantee to provide the best food service to their customers.

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