Decoration Tips for Your Wine Cellar

decoration tips for your wine cellar

Decorating the place where you find peace and comfort is a fun way to show your personality and aesthetic. You can add many details to your house such as an art room, reading room or even if you have space, you can add a wine cellar to it. Having a wine cellar is not for the faint-hearted. Storing fine wines in a nicely decorated wine cellar is a dream of every wine lover. Creating a wine cellar whether it is solely to store wines, for yourself to have room to relax and sip fine wine or have guests on is a good opportunity to add beauty to your safe space. There are many decoration tips for your wine cellar.

Perfect Room

Before starting to decorate a wine cellar it is crucial to find the perfect room. For your wine cellar, it is crucial to find the right lighting and perfect humidity to store and contain your fine wines in the best condition. Lighting and temperature are really important since wine can go bad pretty easily. There should be little to no natural light entering the room so choose a room without any windows. If you have a basement, it might be a perfect place for creating a wine cellar. However, the humidity should also be taken into consideration. The humidity level of the wine cellar should be between 50% and 80%. A room fitting those requirements will be perfect for storing your wines. After finding the perfect room, you can start decorating.

Wine Shelves

While creating your dream wine cellar, you have different options on wine shelves. Depending on your aesthetic, you can choose either traditional or innovative wine shelves. Traditional wine shelves are wood shelves where you put wine glasses in open display, they do not have doors and they tend to be fastened up to the walls of the cellar. They can be preferred by people who intend to have the darker burgundy-brown color scheme and aesthetic of a darker theme. Innovative wine shelves, however, tend to be like cupboards yet they are mostly made out of glass, having glass doors that give the illusion of having wines on open display. These are mostly preferred by people who prefer light color schemes. However, since wine goes bad with exposure to constant and natural light, having traditional shelves colored in whichever color you want is recommended to store wines for a longer time.

Walls of Cellar

Many people who prefer to have a traditional-looking wine cellar tend to go for brick walls with darker tones like burgundy, black or brown. However, if you prefer to have lighter colors in the wine cellar, you can prefer a different style. There is a little recommendation; if your wines come with beautiful wooden boxes, save them for later and put them on the wall to flaunt the beautiful wines you own and add a little touch of special detail.

Another recommendation to decorate the wall of your wine cellar would be that, if you are a much more artsy person, you can place your canvas paintings on the walls to add a little touch from yourself. Even a better idea would be to use the wall as your one big canvas for you to let out and flaunt all your artistic ideas on. Both of these decorative options could be a perfect way for you to add a little touch from yourself to your wine cellar.

Wine Cooler

If you are living in a warmer part of the world and prefer to drink cold wine or store your wine in a cold place, you will want to invest in a nice wine cooler. Wine coolers are commercial coolers, refrigerators, or freezers that are always on a specific heat setting which is perfect to store fine wines. Investing in a nice commercial freezer specified to store wines can help you cool down, relax by and enjoy taking a sip from the perfectly cooled fine wine.

The nice detail of investing in and owning a commercial freezer specified for storing wines is that you can level up your wine cellar with it. You can also customize your wine cooler so that it can fit your aesthetic as well. A custom made refrigerator will be a specific yet rewarding addition to your wine cellar. If you like drinking your wine cold and leveling up your area, a wine cooler can be perfect for you.

Lounge Area

If you are going to accommodate guests in your wine cellar or sit and drink wine by yourself or with your partner, you will need a lounge area. You may prefer to have a big lounge area depending on the size of your wine cellar. If you do not have much of a space, adding a small tasting table without any lounge chairs or bar tools will be good enough as well. You may also prefer to drink your wine somewhere different than your wine cellar so in that case, a small tasting table to fill your glass on will be more than enough.

If you have a big area to fill up, then adding a good and big lounge area would be a perfect way to decorate and add a little bit of personality to your wine cellar. Having lounge chairs or bar and bar tools in the color scheme you prefer will not only make it easy for you to relax but also allow you to add more beautiful and special details to the cellar.

Having a wine cellar is a beautiful idea to have in the special place you find comfort and peace. It can add personality to your home, which is a beautiful opportunity to flaunt and store your fine wines. There are many decorative details of creating a wine cellar. It has to fit certain requirements yet there is still room for personality and improvement. Having a wine cellar with specific decorations and additions of personality is a beautiful privilege and it is a beautiful addition to your house.

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