All About Commercial Refrigerator Maintenance

all about commercial refrigerator maintenanca

Having a commercial refrigerator is a must for certain businesses and companies which need to store their goods in a cold environment. Just like with everything else, to make a commercial refrigerator, freezer, or cooler work perfectly for a long time, you have to take care and maintain it in its best state.

Commercial refrigerator maintenance is a crucial task for businesses as this allows the commercial refrigerator to be in its best state and not have problems such as breaking down along the way. There are many commercial refrigerator maintenance details and tips which are necessary to be done.

Benefits of Commercial Refrigerator Maintenance

Regularly examined and maintained equipment not only functions more effectively but also has a lower risk of developing major problems that require repair. Long before they become serious problems, technicians can detect and address minor difficulties.

Refrigeration maintenance also ensures that all of your units are in good working order and that your food is kept fresh and safe. Regularly done commercial refrigerator maintenance prevents bacteria, viruses, mold, and other pathogens that can lurk in your equipment, contaminating your stored food or ice, putting your consumers at risk of food related diseases.

Additionally you would want your commercial refrigeration systems to last because they are a significant investment for your company. Regularly cleaned and maintained commercial freezers, coolers and refrigerators are more likely to stay in good working order for extended periods, saving you money on future repair and replacement expenditures.

Commercial Refrigerator Maintenance

  1. Determine Your Commercial Refrigerator Type

Before starting commercial refrigerator maintenance, it is crucial to know what type of commercial refrigerator you have. If your commercial refrigerator is an upright refrigerator it is going to need a different type of maintenance compared to, for instance, an under-counter refrigerator.

Their electric systems and what type of goods they store are different so they require not fully but a slightly different type of maintenance. For instance, an upright commercial refrigerator such as Green Cooler’s 1500 WOC H DD or 180 CVF will require a different maintenance routine compared to an under-counter refrigerator such as Green Cooler’s BB230 WOC requires.

Even a slight difference between commercial refrigerators can determine what type of problems they might have and how they should be maintained.

  1. Keep the Interior and Exterior Clean

One of the most important tips on commercial refrigerator maintenance is to keep both the exterior and the interior of the commercial cooler, freezer, or refrigerator clean. Once or twice a week, try to plan a complete cleaning of your entire commercial refrigerator unit.

Take everything out of the interior and put it in a different unit or a temporary commercial cooler. Scrub the shelves and surfaces with a gentle brush and warm water and soap or a vinegar solution. Remove any drawers and shelves that can be removed and soak for a bit before rinsing.

Your unit’s exterior should be cleaned regularly as well. On a stainless steel exterior, it’s critical to utilize the right cleaning solutions and products. Abrasive scrubbers or sponges, as well as chlorine cleaners, should be avoided. Instead, clean the surface with a soft cloth or brush. For routine maintenance, a mixture of warm water and a vinegar or detergent solution works well.

  1. Regular Check-ups

It is crucial to get your commercial freezer, cooler, or refrigerator regularly checked up for any issues it might have in the future. Regular check-up is another essential part of commercial refrigerator maintenance.

For instance, checking the air filters will help you prevent ventilation problems. Dust from your griddles might clog up the air filters of your commercial refrigerator. Regular cleanings are necessary since a big buildup can hinder the unit from venting correctly. Remove any dust with a powerful shop vacuum, then degrease any thick grease with a degreasing solution.

Also, checking the gaskets can prevent goods in the commercial cooler from going bad as good gaskets prevent cold air from escaping through doors. Any form of fracture or crack in the door can prevent it from closing properly, allowing chilly air to escape the fridge’s inside. If a gasket is damaged, make sure you replace it according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

  1. Keep Commercial Refrigerator Dry

Another important commercial refrigerator maintenance detail is to always keep the commercial refrigerator dry. The reason for this is that if there is water on the shelves or the bottom of the commercial freezer, cooler, or refrigerator by causing it to freeze. This will prevent the machine from working efficiently.

The cold air pumped and circulated within the commercial refrigerator makes the water freeze and not work as efficiently as it should be. This also makes the commercial refrigerator use more electricity to balance the coldness within the machine. Either way, if you realize that your commercial refrigerator is a freezer, turn it off and let the water out, dry it completely and then turn it on again.

Of course, if this is a one-time situation it might not be much of a problem but if this happens frequently, regular maintenance may not be enough and you should get your commercial refrigerator checked up.


Commercial refrigerator maintenance is an important and indistinguishable part of owning and investing in a commercial refrigerator. Just like with everything else, maintenance of a commercial refrigerator is a must so that it can work efficiently and for the long term.

Regular maintenance is recommended by many commercial cooler companies including Green Cooler. Refrigerator maintenance is necessary, and it is as important for a business as buying a high-quality commercial refrigerator. You can buy a high-quality commercial refrigerator yet if you do not maintain it, you will not get the most efficient results from it either way. Maintenance is a key aspect of owning a commercial refrigerator and it should not be disregarded.

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