Commercial Refrigerators Features Registered by Intertek and SGS

Commercial Refrigerators Features Registered by Intertek and SGS

Understanding if a product or machinery is real or fits the requirements and has certain certificates to be able to put on the market is not too difficult thanks to the internet. However, to get those certificates, the product or machinery must have certain features and fit certain rules. There are also certain requirements for commercial refrigerators, coolers, or freezers have to get the required certificates. To understand this, it is necessary to know what commercial refrigerators features registered by Intertek and SGS are.

Many companies and associations provide the certificates by a machine fitting its standards. Associations like Intertek and SGS are the ones that are known worldwide and their certificates are accepted all around the world as they work with giving certificates that fit the rules of the European Union and its laws. These requirements make the machine and company be more trustworthy in the eyes of the customer and allow the machine to be on the market and to be sold. Due to these aspects, a product must fit the requirements of its product group.

In this article, we wanted to tell you about commercial refrigerators features registered by Intertek and SGS.

What are Commercial Refrigerators Features Registered by Intertek and SGS?

SGS was established in 1878 and changed how grain was traded around Europe.SGS provides a comprehensive range of solutions to ensure quality, safety, and integrity. SGS aims to help businesses to work effectively, safely, and more interconnected with the world. Intertek is another company that was established in 1855 and has become one of the most trusted quality assurance companies by enterprises all over the world to ensure the quality and safety of their goods, processes, and systems.

Intertek and SGS are companies that provide the services of testing, inspection, and certification of products and services. These two companies give certifications like ISO 9001 and CE certificates. There are slight differences between hose certifications as ISO 9001 is accepted all around the world and CE certificate is accepted around the EU and is required for countries EU trades with.

ISO 9001 Certificate

The ISO 9001 Standard specifies the requirements of the quality management system to which an organization must demonstrate its ability to provide products that meet customer and applicable regulatory requirements and aim to increase customer satisfaction. It is the standard that is documented.

All the requirements of the ISO 9001 are general and are aimed to be applied by and apply to all organizations, regardless of their type, size, including products or services they provide. As a result, it may be used by any firm that wants to improve continuously and implement an efficient Quality Management System, and in regards to the sector or scale, there are no restrictions.

The ISO 9001 standards are mainly for the companies and about how they should make their products higher quality and how they should put customer satisfaction first. For commercial coolers, refrigerators, and freezers, fitting the generic standards of the ISO 9001 certificate guarantees customer satisfaction and provides the best service. Green Cooler is one of the manufacturers that has ISO 9001 certification and aims to provide high-quality and long-lasting commercial freezers, coolers, and refrigerators to their customers.

CE Certificate

The CE Certification is needed if a manufacturer wants to sell its products to the EU and with getting that certification, the CE marking is placed on the product. CE certification shows that a product has been evaluated by the manufacturer and found to comply with EU safety, health, and environmental standards. The CE certification and marking is required for any products that are made anywhere in the world and sold in the borders of EU.

Manufacturers of the goods and products are solely responsible for declaring compliance with all standards. It is mandatory to fit those standards to prove to the consumer that a commercial refrigerator, cooler, and freezer can be used comfortably and with complacency. Manufacturers like Green Cooler which provides high-quality, durable, and long-lasting commercial coolers, refrigerators, and freezers have the CE certificate, proving that their products fit the high standards of Europe.

The benefit of having a CE certification for a commercial freezer, cooler, and freezer is that this certification indicates compliance with health and safety requirements.CE Marking paves the way for the free movement of commercial products from one country to a member state of the European Community. It functions as a kind of product passport and shows the level at which quality begins.

Let’s take a closer look at commercial refrigerators features registered by Intertek and SGS.

Registered Commercial Refrigerators Features for Getting Those Certificates

  1. Commercial refrigerators have to have a functional use
  2. The temperature of the commercial refrigerator should be suitable for storing goods and products without any problem (without melting or going bad)
  3. Heat transfer must be prevented effectively by the seam of the doors.
  4. The exterior of commercial refrigerators has to be durable as its volume, durability, and quality allow the comfortable use of commercial refrigerators.
  5. Commercial refrigerator has to fit the description and provide the services the manufacturer claims that the product can in the user manual.
  6. .Degrees such as gross and net volumes, operating temperature, initial cooling temperature, and working area temperature must be specified in the user manual of commercial refrigerator.

Knowing what commercial refrigerators features registered by Intertek and SGS are will help you better understand the subject.

So, Making a product fit standards of the world allows it to be sold and marketed all over the world. Those standards also change depending on the product group, location, and other necessary measurements prove that the product is safe for use around to world.

The certificates were given to the products to prove their legitimacy and accuracy in fitting those standards plays a huge role in our world. Manufacturers like Green Cooler have these certificates that prove their commercial coolers, refrigerators, and freezers fit the standards of the world, are durable and safe to use. When a product has these certificates, it shows the world that they have been made with high standards and are perfectly safe to use.

In this article, we talked about commercial refrigerators features registered by Intertek and SGS. If you’re curious about our other articles, you can check out at our previous article,

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