Optional Refrigerator Features to Consider

Optional Refrigerator Features to Consider

Every business that needs to store frozen beverages or goods to sell is required to have a commercial freezer. These businesses’ needs and wants differ, and one way to meet these needs is by adding optional refrigerator features to the commercial cooler of their choice. These features are optimal and can be added to the freezer at the buyer’s request.

Optional refrigerator features are added to commercial coolers to create the perfect commercial cooler that meets the needs of the business with small additions. However, they differ for vertical and horizontal commercial coolers due to how they work and how they are used. Regardless of which type of commercial freezer you will need or choose, these optional refrigerator features and benefits can be small but important additions to the refrigerator of your choice.

Digital Thermostat

Thermostats are the systems used to control the temperature of the refrigerator system. Digital thermostats are active control devices that control the system’s temperature and help balance the temperature within the freezer. These optional refrigerator features can be added to the device, making controlling the refrigeration system’s temperature easier. This feature can also be added to both vertical and horizontal refrigerators by the demand or request of the customer.

Energy Management Controller

With the changes and current needs of our world, being environmentally responsible is a must. One way businesses can participate is by making sure their commercial refrigerators use only a little electricity. One way of doing that is to add an energy management controller to the commercial refrigerator of their choice. These optional refrigerator features can be added to horizontal and vertical commercial refrigerators.

One benefit of adding these features to the commercial refrigerator is that it can decrease electricity costs, decreasing the damage done to our environment and the world. If a business cannot afford an energy-efficient freezer, these optimal electrical features can be added to show how much energy the commercial cooler uses.

Off-the-shelf LED Lighting

Among the best optional refrigerator features, LED lighting stands out. It is placed underneath every shelf to illuminate the shelves of the vertical freezer, making it easier to see products stored in the device. However, because the LED light is applied on the shelves, this feature can only be used on vertical commercial coolers.

Among the latest refrigerator features, this addition can not only provide more light but also give the commercial refrigerator a modern and cool look. This feature can be added for only aesthetic purposes, especially if the commercial refrigerator is going to be on display. The bars where the back-bar refrigerators are used can choose this feature, and they can add a little off-the-shelf LED lighting just to give it a modern and sophisticated look.

Digital Thermometer

A thermometer is a device different from a thermostat; a thermometer is a device that measures the temperature, and commercial coolers are used to measure the temperature within the commercial cooler. Digital thermometers are better options than mercury thermometers since they can measure the temperature more precisely than a mercury thermometer. They also make it easier to adjust the right temperature of the commercial freezer. Adding these optional refrigerator features to the commercial freezer makes it much easier to detect a problem with temperature when it occurs.

IP24 Waterproof

This electrical feature can be added to both vertical and horizontal commercial coolers. IP stands for Ingress Protection, and IP24 protects the machine from water and any damage that water can do to it. IP24 is a protective cover added to the exterior of the refrigerator, which protects the machine from splashed water and objects that are 12,5 mm wide. The IP24 Waterproof protection can be added to horizontal and vertical commercial refrigerators to protect them from any mechanical issues caused by water splashed on the commercial cooler.

Inclined Shelf

This mechanical feature can be added to mainly vertical coolers. The inclined shelf adds more space to place the products or beverages, making storage much easier. With the holders placed on each side of the walls of the commercial cooler, the shelf can be placed depending on the size of the products that need to be stored. The size of the shelf depends on the size of the commercial refrigerator.

If the commercial refrigerator has one door, the shelf must be a different size than the one that can fit a wider commercial cooler. Greencooler provides these optional refrigerator features at the business’s request.

Door Lock

Door locks can be added to vertical and horizontal commercial coolers. A door lock locks the doors of the commercial refrigerator to prevent anyone from opening them and getting or stealing anything from them. These optional refrigerator features can be beneficial, especially for supermarkets selling frozen foods and ice cream. Like the other optional mechanical features, this feature is optional for some businesses. However, if necessary, it can be added to the commercial freezer to meet the company’s needs. The request can add this mechanical feature, and manufacturers like Greencooler provide this feature if requested.

Reversible Door

This optional mechanic feature can be done in horizontal and vertical commercial coolers, depending on the needs. The customer can change how the door opens with these optional refrigerator features. For instance, if the commercial refrigerator door opens to the right but causes other furniture or machinery placement issues, the customer can change it. Since manufacturers like Greencooler aim to provide the most beneficial service to their customers, this feature is included to help make the best use of commercial freezers for businesses.

Stainless Steel Outer Body

The stainless steel outer body feature can be added to vertical and horizontal commercial freezers. It is one of the most common mechanical features not only for commercial coolers but also for household appliances. The stainless steel outer body makes the commercial cooler seem brand new, not dirty or old. By including this optimal mechanical feature in your commercial freezer, businesses can make it look chic and clean rather than messy and rusty. Manufacturers like Greencooler aim to provide these optional refrigerator features for companies that want or need them.

Transparent Sticker on Glass

Among optional refrigerator features, this feature can be applied to any commercial cooler with a glass door. The transparent glass sticker can be used for an aesthetically pleasing look and to advertise the beverages or products in the freezer. Whether it is done to be an aesthetic addition or to promote the brand of the products, it can add many things to the custom commercial refrigerator. The size and amount of stickers depend on the size of the device.

Custom Exterior

Between optional refrigerator features that can be added to both vertical and horizontal commercial coolers is the customization of the exterior. Some businesses have their aesthetic, which any simple-looking commercial refrigerator cannot fit in. If the company requires a commercial refrigerator to be on open display, it can choose to customize the exterior of the commercial refrigerator. This mechanical feature is provided by manufacturers like Greencooler and many more to make meeting the needs of businesses easy.

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