Winery Equipment List For Starting A Small Winery

Winery Equipment List For Starting A Small Winery

Having a winery or inheriting one is the dream of many wine lovers. Central to this venture is a comprehensive understanding of the necessary winery equipment. A well-curated winery equipment list is indispensable for ensuring the successful operation of a small winery. This knowledge not only facilitates the production of exquisite and flavorful wines but also enriches the overall experience and viability of running a winery.

The selection of appropriate winery equipment plays a pivotal role in every stage of winemaking, from grape crushing to bottling. Investing in the right equipment is fundamental for maintaining the quality and distinctiveness of the wine produced. As you embark on this exciting business venture, remember that the quality and efficiency of your equipment can significantly impact the success and sustainability of your winery.

Crushing and Destemming Equipment 

In the initial stages of winemaking, crushing and destemming equipment is crucial. This machinery separates grape berries from stems and gently crushes them, a vital process for quality wine production. Crusher-destemmers combine these two functions, efficiently preparing the grapes for fermentation. Options range from manual to motorized models, catering to different scales of operation. Choosing the right winery equipment ensures optimal extraction of juice and flavours, setting the foundation for exceptional wine.

Wine Press

The wine press is one of the most important pieces of winery equipment to start a winery since crushing the grapes is the first step of making wine. Having a high-quality and durable wine press that can crush grapes at a specific and controlled pressure will work perfectly, as many of the wine presses work similarly and have one purpose. It is important not to crush the seeds to get the bitter taste combined with the taste of grapes, which will ruin the wine.


The step after the press is to separate the crushed grapes from their seeds. This is done by equipment called crusher-destemmers. This is one of the most important pieces of winery equipment on the list of what equipment you need to start a winery because separating seeds and crushed grapes is crucial for making tasty wines.

Winery Equipment for Storage and Fermentation

In the realm of winemaking, storage and fermentation are pivotal stages. For this, wine tanks and fermentation tubs are indispensable among winery equipment. Wine tanks, crafted from materials like stainless steel, concrete, or wood, are acid-resistant and vary in capacity, typically holding between 1,000 and 3,000 litres. They store grape juice before fermentation. Fermentation tubs, distinct from ageing barrels, play a crucial role in transforming grape juice into wine. This process is fundamental in defining the wine’s character and quality. Both tanks and tubs are essential in managing the delicate balance of flavours and ensuring the wine’s successful maturation.

Fermentation Tubs

Fermentation tubs are another piece on the list of winery equipment. Fermentation tubs are the wine for some time until it is starting to ferment to make the grape juice turn into wine. Since the process is different, fermentation tubs are not the same as ageing barrels. Even though they are used interchangeably, the procedure and results are other for each piece of equipment, which makes the difference.

Wine Tanks

Another piece of winery equipment on the list of equipment you need to start a small winery is a wine tank. Wine tanks store the grape juice before it gets to the fermentation tubs. They are made to be acid-resistant and can be made of many materials, such as stainless steel, concrete, or even wood. They have a high storage capacity ranging from a thousand to three thousand litres of mashed grapes.


Bottles and bottling wine are crucial parts of the process as badly bottled and stored wine will quickly spoil and will not be drinkable, wasting all the process you go through. To prevent this, invest in nice, dark-coloured wine bottles with good corks that can cut the contact between wine and air, preventing the wine from spoiling. After bottling the wine, storing it in a cold, dry environment that is not exposed to direct sunlight is also important

Wine Cooler

The wine cooler is another crucial piece of winery equipment. String your products in a nice, cold environment, especially in a specifically designed cooler, which will be perfect for later serving. While choosing a wine cooler, select a suitable and durable size. Manufacturers like Greencooler provide high-quality and durable wine coolers in every size for your winery.

Wine Transfer, Processing and Ageing Equipment

In the winemaking process, the equipment used for wine transfer, processing, and ageing is vital for ensuring quality and consistency. Wine pumps facilitate the smooth transfer of wine between tanks and barrels, which is crucial for maintaining integrity and preventing contamination. Processing equipment, including filters and stabilizers, refines the wine, enhancing clarity and stability. Ageing equipment, predominantly oak barrels, imparts nuanced flavours and aids in the wine’s maturation, contributing to its complexity and character. Each piece of equipment plays a specific role in the journey from grape to glass, underscoring the art and science of winemaking.

Wine Pumps

Wine pumps are another important piece of equipment for a winery. Wine pumps are used for transferring the wine in and out of separate containers, mostly for bottling the wine. The wine pumps are crucial as they are the equipment critical for the last step of winemaking: bottling the wine. Using wine pumps to prevent contamination and simplify bottling wine is vital.

Ageing Barrels

Ageing barrels are another crucial piece of winery equipment on the list as the time wine spends in these barrels makes the difference in the taste and age of the wine. Ageing barrels can be made of various materials, such as wood, especially oak, or stainless steel. They have their benefits and cons depending on the desired results. Ageing oak barrels tend to last two to three years, which makes the wine at least age for that time, and after ageing, the wine will be taken to the bottling-up process. Stainless steel barrels, however, tend to last longer and can be used many times, but the wine in them will need more than the taste of oak as the taste of wood tends to get to the wine inside.

Winery Equipment for Safety

Safety has to be the priority of any business, and this should not be changed, making them crucial to the list of winery equipment for opening up a small winery. Due to this, it is important to use necessary safety equipment to prevent any probable problems or safety issues from occurring. Ensure that the employees wear gloves, glasses and bonnets to avoid contamination.

Lab Equipments

Lab equipment is another important one on the list of what equipment you need to start a winery, as having lab equipment will allow you to check the acidity and the chemistry of the wine. This will enable you to know how much alcohol you have to add and what type of alcohol you should and should not count. Lab equipment is also crucial to ensure the quality of the wine you have made, and for this, you can build your lab inside the winery.

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